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The Greater Good Campaign launched in 2011 in response to drastic cuts in state funding of higher education. Washington state had just cut 28 percent of its higher education funding, and proposed 22 more, adding up to nearly 50 percent of state funding to be cut in just four years. The campaign called attention to the importance of post-secondary education as a driver for the economy and quality of life in Washington. The UW, for example, has a $9.1 billion impact on our state economy.

The campaign produced results. The state Senate listened, and no further cuts went through. But our work is far from over.

Now Washington needs higher education to gain the skills in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) they need for 21st century jobs. 260,000 people are looking for work in our state, while 25,000 jobs in STEM fields remain vacant. We must strategically invest in STEM programs to ensure opportunity for our citizens and economic vitality for our state. Remind your legislators to deliver on the commitment they made to fund higher education — for the greater good.



Nov 21, 2014

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