Early Learning

Early childhood learning is a smart investment

High-quality preschool is one of the best investments Washington state can make. Research shows that for every dollar invested in high-quality preschool, at least $7 is saved in social services, remedial education, public safety and juvenile justice. We either pay now or pay even more later. And early childhood education has been shown to be a foundation for students’ success in grades K-12, in college and in life.

90 percent of a child’s brain development happens before age five. Yet only 30 percent of three- and four-year-olds in Washington were enrolled in preschool programs that met minimum state standards last year — one of the widest early education gaps in the nation, according to The Annie E. Casey Foundation. We need to close the gap and invest in early childhood learning, so our kids don’t fall behind before they even get a chance to start.

Vote for candidates and ballot measures that support early learning. Washington’s kids are our best investment.

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